.About Us.

LOYAL Rescue Inc. a private, registered, non-profit, foster-based dog rescue with foster home across Ontario. We will help any dog in need that we can, regardless of breed, age, medical condition or place of birth.
Our mission is to find homes for dogs that find themselves homeless, either through abuse, neglect, abandonment, or being born in a puppy mill.  We feel a responsibility towards these unfortunate animals, and work to find new permanent, loving, forever families for them.

Since we are foster-based, that means our dogs may be fostered anywhere in Ontario, so please check their profiles as to the location of their foster home. We are not a shelter, and therefore do not have one location where dogs can be visited, viewed and adopted.

To ensure that we meet our goal to save dogs' lives and to improve upon their living conditions, we liaison with kill and non-kill shelters, pounds, other rescues, owners, and whomever else we can. We believe that with these combined efforts we can cut down on the number of animals that are euthanized needlessly each year.

Within the comforts of our approved foster homes, we then provide the necessary medical attention, rehabilitation, emotional support, and re-training for all rescued dogs that come into our care. Only then, through careful screening, do we find loving forever homes for these dogs.