.Adoption Process.

Applications for adoption can be submitted directly through our website. Every potential adopter must go through our 5-step adoption process. If you are a previous LOYAL adopter please contact us first so that we can determine whether all 5 steps will need to be completed again. 

Step 1 – Submit an Application

Visit our website often as we post new, available dogs on a daily basis. If we have a rescued dog that is available and that you are interested in adopting, please fill out an online adoption application online. Alternatively, you are welcome to send us an e-mail to confirm that that dog is available for adoption. If the words "adoption pending" or "pending" are next to their name, we are no longer accepting applications. Our website updates every few days, so even if these words are not next to the dogs name, they may have a pending adoption in play. Some dogs (like puppies and other young dogs) are very popular, and because we are 100% volunteer run we are only able to process so many application at a time.

Why do you have to fill out an application?

At a bare minimum, we do require some basic information about you and your family to determine whether or not you are a "fit" for your dog of choice. A volunteer, along with the dog's foster family, will review your application and touch base with you if there are any additional questions or any concerns. Essentially we just want to get an idea of your home life, lifestyle, time restraints, opinions and ideas about adopting, and important information about any other pets in your family. This will help us determine the best possible pooch for you.

Step 2 – Phone Interview

Once your application is received and reviewed, and assuming all is well and that dog is available for adoption and a "match", a LOYAL representative will contact you via e-mail to set up a time to discuss your application over the phone, prior to which your veterinarian will be contacted, and following which your personal references will be contacted.

During the phone screen our volunteer will chat with you about LOYAL Rescue, ask you some questions about your daily routine, your expectations about the dog you are hoping to adopt, your pet history, and will answer any questions that you have.

Step 3 – Home Visit

Assuming all goes well during your phone interview, our Adoption Committee will review your file and will have a chat with the foster family to determine that you are still a fit for your chosen dog. If all is approved, then you will move it on to the next stage - the home visit. At this stage, a LOYAL representative will contact you to set up a time that is convenient to come to your home, and will review the application again with you and your family* in person. This allows us to get an idea of your home, family dynamic, schedule and a general feel for your suitability for your rescued dog of choice.

* All family members must be present at the time of the visit.

Some would argue that the home visit is the most important part of the visit because it gives you can opportunity to sit down face-to-face with a LOYAL volunteer and discuss any concerns that you have or bring up any additional questions still unanswered. Because so much of our screening is done over the Internet, e-mail and telephone, it is very important for us to sit down with a potential adopter in personal for an informal chat.  The volunteer will take a quick look around your home (including yard and garage, if applicable) to ensure that it is safe and dog-friendly and that there are no hidden hazards. They maybe also give you some recommendations for appropriate housing (crates, baby gates, etc.) or suggestions for repairs to holes in fences or gates.  Safety is very important to us, and we want to ensure that your new forever family member remains safe and secure in their new surroundings. We will also visit with any current pets and can give you tips on introducing your new pooch to the "crew".

Step 4 - Approval

All reports are then reviewed by LOYAL's Adoption Committee, and a decision is made whether or not your home is the best possible 'forever home' for the rescued dog(s). You will be contacted via e-mail by our Board of Directors with the final decision.

Step 5 - Adoption

If approved, you are then welcome to set up a time for a meet-and-greet with the dog and its foster family, and if you choose to proceed with the adoption then an adoption contract is to be completed, along with the pre-determined adoption donation and, finally, pick-up of the dog by its new forever home.

We know that adoptions can sometimes seem elaborate and lengthy, but we promise that we are not here to judge you, your family or your lifestyle. We are simply searching for the most suitable forever homes for these dogs, many of whom are experiencing family life for the first time. We promise to make the process as smooth and painless as possible, and we are always here to answer any questions that you have.

If you have any additional questions about our adoption process and adding a LOYAL dog to your family, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions, or shoot us an e-mail.

Happy adopting, and thank you for considering a rescued dog when it came time to add to your family.