Friday, December 3, 2010

Dog of the week: Otis!

Otis is a 6-year-old owner surrender Boston Terrier hailing from Windsor, Ontario.

Otis came to LOYAL when his owner had to move out of the country and could not take him with her. He was previously purchased from a garage sale (yep!) 2 years ago at the approx. age of 4 years. His history before that is unknown. Poor Otis! Through absolutely no fault of his own, Otis is now in search of a new forever home for the holidays.

Otis is an affectionate lap dog that is happy just to curl up on the couch with you and take a long snooze. Otis has no food aggression and is completely ok with his food bowl being touched, lifted and even taken away during meal time. He is getting along well with the other dog in his foster home (a 45 lb. terrier mix) and is not concerned at all with the resident cats. He finds them quite fascinating, and is happy to curl up next to one for a nap!

Otis has nipped at a child in the past, we are told, so would do best in a home with older, dog-experienced kids. Otis' foster family has seen no aggression whatsoever from him in their home, however, and he is quite happy to meet strangers and say hello. He gives lovely kisses and loves to snuggle under the covers at night.

Otis can be a tad skittish with loud noises and chaotic situations, so a quiet, calm, easy-going family would be best - we don't want him to be stressed out in his new life since he has been passed around so much. Otis has great leash skills, but should not be let off-leash in an unsecured area due to his skittishness; if scared, he may run. A fenced yard is not a must, but having Otis always secure and on-leash is.

Otis is healthy and happy, and patiently awaiting your application. Could you be Otis' new family this Christmas? Otis hopes so!

To speak to Otis' foster mom, please send an e-mail to, or visit Otis' blog. Applications can be submitted through our website.

Happy adopting!

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