Monday, March 14, 2011

Foster update - March 14, 2011

Wondering what dogs are new to rescue and who has recently found their forever home? This weekly update is your key to keeping track of LOYAL's adoptable dogs!


Unfortunately {Stella}'s forever home did not turn out to be so 'forever' after all, and she has been returned to rescue through no fault of her own. Stella is an adorable, sweet-natured, friendly, outgoing girl who is good with dogs, cats and kids. Stella requires a home with a fenced yard, no more than 4-5 hours alone/day (she's just a pup!), and would prefer a small doggie companion to play and cuddle with as she has energy and then some to spare!. Check out Stella's blog at for more info on Stella, who is being fostered in Mississauga, ON.


{Mojo} is a 2-year-old, male Chihuahua/Terrier mix who is scruffy and adorable! His foster mom says that his fur sparkles, and she's pretty sure he's part unicorn! hehe Mojo is a sweet guy who is good with other dogs and would be fine with older, respectful kids. The jury is still out on how he feels about cats, but there are cats in his foster home, so we should know more soon. Mojor is currently being fostered in Ottawa, ON.


{Dolly} the Chihuahua was lucky enough to find her forever home this week! Congratulations!


Adoptions are currently pending for {Bella} the Boston Terrier mix, {Bella Rose} the Boston Terrier!

For more information on any of our available dogs, please visit our website or send us an e-mail at

Happy adopting!

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