Monday, September 5, 2011

Black Dog Syndrome

Black Dog Syndrome (also known as Black Dog Bias) is a phenomenon that is witnessed by shelters and rescue organizations across the globe.  Day after day black dogs are passed over for adoption and rescue in favour of light-coloured dogs.

The theories on why this syndrome exists range from the depiction of large, black dogs in film as aggressive, to the dogs showing poorly in photos causing adopters to pass them up for more "photogenic" dogs.  Some also believe that superstition surrounding black dogs (similar to that associated with black cats) could be to blame.  Rescue groups have been trying to battle this syndrome for years, but the power lies with the public and those who are in the market for a new furry family member.

Abuelo is a senior Spaniel currently in foster care with LOYAL

Jackson has been in LOYAL foster care for 19 months!

Rocco is a blind, senior Rat Terrier mix that has been with LOYAL for 10 months!

Tina is a sweet, senior Poodle mix who is LOYAL's longest resident - 2 years in foster care!

Tiny the Chi is looking for a forever home with her LOYAL sister, Taffy
Regardless of the reasons for this phenomenon, the reality is that black dogs are being passed up for the opportunity to find forever homes, and remain in shelters and foster care longer than other dogs.  LOYAL Rescue, specifically, has had a number of black dogs in rescue for a very long time.  Whether or not this syndrome is contributing to their lenghty stays is anyone's guess, but many other dogs have been adopted while they remain.

Please spread the word about this syndrome and the plight of black dogs seeking adoption.  If you know someone who is looking to adopt, tell them all about the amazing black dogs that we have in our foster program, and encourage them to see past the stereotypes and give a black dog a chance at a forever home.

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  1. Wow never knew this syndrome existed..... I just adopted Otis (formally BlackMatt/Pupster) and well I'm enraptured... he is the most wonderful loving boy ever.....

    I guess it's true what they say.... once you go black you just never go back! :)

    keep up the great work Loyal!

    dee hogan