Thursday, September 9, 2010

Popular pooch!

Leah Boo (who was featured on CP24's Animal Housecalls recently with Cesar Milan) has been one of our most popular dogs, by far. Leading up to and after her appearance on the show, we received a huge number of applications for Leah. Who knew so many people out there were looking for a large dog! I'm sure the fact that she is hypoallergenic and does not shed certainly helped her cause! I also hear she's a wonderful dog that gets along with other dogs, cats and kids, and she is very well-behaved and well-balanced. What a catch!

Leah Boo recently had a photo shoot with a fantastic Peterborough-based photographer, Anita Peeples, who has supported LOYAL generously in the past, and who attended our last Yard Sale/BBQ to snap some fantastic shots of our adoptable dogs. Check out some of the shots of Leah Boo! Wow!

If you are interested in learning more about Anita and her work, check out her website at

Since Leah Boo has been so hugely popular (and since we only have so many volunteers to review, organize and screen her many suitors!), we are no longer accepting any applications for her. Thank you to everyone for their interest and support. We have so many other deserving dogs on our website that need homes, so please check back often as we have new dogs arriving on a weekly basis, and I am sure your new forever furry family member is out there waiting for you.

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