Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pooch Profile: Pablo's Story

Further to our recent foster update (September 27, 2010) where we shared the saw news of Pablo's passing, here is a short tribute to one of our longest fosters, who will be forever remembered by the LOYAL team and his devoted foster family.

It all started on a cool Autumn day in October 2008, just 2 years ago.

Brenda, LOYAL's founder and director, was in Montreal at the site of the biggest puppy mill bust in Canada that we know of to-date - upwards of 300 dogs needing rescue and foster care. While in Montreal, Brenda received a phone call from her mom saying that 'a friend of a friend needed to give up their dog', and that the dog was with her. He desperately needed a foster spot. So, despite all of the incoming puppy mill dogs, Brenda put out the request to the group to find a spot for this little senior dog. Jennifer, a LOYAL volunteer, was brand new to fostering (having only had one foster until then, a Boxer/Collie puppy named Chester, who had recently been adopted), but she took a chance and decided to take the little guy into her home.

Enter Pablo.

Jennifer had to leave in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner to go pick him up, and when she saw him it was instant love. After a vet visit that involved removing all but his two upper canines, Pablo was ready to be adopted. Only having 2 remaining teeth just added to his charm.

Pablo was such a little old man that his foster home started calling him Pappy - it just seemed to suit him. Pappy would spin in circles when his foster mom got home from work; he was so excited to see her. Pappy was adopted out in June 2009 to a single man who returned him 6 weeks later because Pappy had had a few accidents in the house. When he handed Pappy over to the transport volunteer he said "I was looking for more of a chick magnet anyway". Can you believe it? The girls loved Pappy, so it just goes to show what a loser that guy was. Pappy's foster home was thrilled to have him back.

Pappy's favourite things in the world were sunshine and warm laps. If his foster mom sat out all afternoon by the pool he was on her lap, and it was heaven. He would spend the day chasing the sunspots around the house.

One day last year Pablo was spinning in the living room and his foster family couldn't figure out why he was so excited. It just happened that there was an ad on the TV at the time saying that the Pussycat Dolls were going to be on Ellen, so they were teasing him that he wanted to see the show. When his foster family left for work the next morning, they left the TV on the channel that the Pussycat Dolls were going to be on, and were laughing and telling him to enjoy the show.

When his foster family got home they could hear him whining - it turns out he'd been in his foster mom's bedroom, and the wind blew the door closed. He'd been locked in there all day and was quite upset. He had dragged every box, bag, and piece of clothing he could find in her closet out into the room. It was insane the mess that a 7 pound dog had created! It was always the running joke - just how pissed Pappy was to have missed the Pussycat Dolls!

In February of 2010 Pappy was diagnosed with kidney and liver disease, and was put on a special homemade diet and some medication. By the end of the summer, he was losing so much weight you could see all his bones protruding. He was not eating and was obviously not doing well. On September 1st, Pappy's foster mom took him in for blood work. On September 4th, his vet phoned to say he was in end stage liver failure, and suggested that he be brought in for euthanasia on the Tuesday.

On September 11th, Pappy made the trip to Peterborough to the annual LOYAL Rescue BBQ, and was the hit of the party. On September 16th, his foster mom called the vet to schedule his euthanasia for September 20th. His foster family spent 4 wonderful days together snuggling and crying.

Pappy is now resting under the apple trees in his foster family's backyard, and they miss him every day.

Rest in peace Pablo. You were a huge part of your foster family's life, and we know you are keeping everyone on their toes at the Rainbow Bridge.


  1. OMG what a wonderful story and although I am crying it is so nice to know that Jennifer had Pablo ( Pappy ) till the end. As I was leaving work tonight I saw a huge rainbow, on my way into work I had asked for a sign to help me deicide whether we should keep our new foster Pug. We have already fallen in love with him but I have been a foster failure a few times before. When I saw the rainbow the first thing I thought of was our first dog Hunter the most adorable loyal dog there ever was, we had to put him down 3 years ago this March 17th at seven and a half years old due to cancer. It was the hardest thing my husband and I ever had to do and after that is when we got into rescue we wanted to give back. I realized that was the sign I had asked for and now reading this story I realize that there are 2 sign, so on behalf of Hunter,Pablo and all the rest at Rainbow Bridge thank you for making my decision so much easier. Welcome home Chandler, it is a crazy household about to get a little bit crazier but very full of love.

    Tauny & Len and the Brat Pack

  2. What a beautiful tribute to Pappy. He had a wonderful home to spend his last years, and was indeed a special boy. RIP sweet Pablo...