Friday, November 5, 2010

Dog of the Week: Moses!

Meet Mr. Moses!

Moses is a 10-year-old male Chihuahua who is in need of a loving forever home. This sweet little man is good with dogs and kids, and is fine with most cats. He is a super sweet guy that landed himself in an Ohio shelter in November 2009. Moses made the long trek to Toronto and is now living with one of our fantastic volunteers; he has been here for a year, and we can't believe he hasn't been snatched up yet!

Moses loves dogs - especially big dogs! - and gives his Chihuahua foster sister lots of kisses every day. What an affectionate guy! Despite his age, Moses is in tip-top health, and only takes some supplements for his arthritis. Don't let his senior status fool you; he still has a ton of years of love left!

Moses has made huge strides in his foster home over the last year, but he still holds out hope that his forever family is out there looking for him. He is trying to wait patiently but he's SO excited to meet them; wherever they are!

If you think you can provide a loving home to Moses for the rest of his days, and want tons of love and kisses in return, submit an application through our website, or e-mail us for more information at

Happy adopting!

1 comment:

  1. MOSES a perfect gentleman! Such a cool dude, so yes, DO NOT be fooled by his age! He's the happiest lil' guy with soooo much love to give, and tons of kisses too!!! Although I'm not fostering him, I have looked after him for his foster mom.