Friday, November 12, 2010

Dog of the week: Vicky!

Victoria (aka Vicky) is a 3-year-old tan Chihuahua. Vicky originally came to LOYAL in 2008 from a Quebec shelter as she was pregnant and very shy of people. After having and raising her adorable babies (and after they all found their forever homes), little Vicky was adopted in early 2010. Unfortunately Vicky's family discovered too late that they were horribly allergic to her, and after 8 months in their home, Vicky was again returned to rescue.

Vicky is a very shy girl when she first meets you, but once she knows that you are a good person and mean her no harm, she is all cuddles and kisses. Vicky loves to be with her humans, and does quite well with other dogs (as long as they are gentle with her) and cats. She cuddles with her foster brother (a 45 lb. Terrier mix - also a former LOYAL dog!) at night unless, of course, she is sleeping under the covers with her foster parents!

Vicky is 100% house-trained and very trustworthy when left alone. She is great on a leash and loves to go for walks. She is a sturdy 9 lbs., and has the sweetest little droopy right ear.

Vicky would do best in a home with adults only, or in a home with grown children that understand that she is very timid and fearful, and can run and hide when she feels threatened. Vicky is not a biter, but caution should be taken around small children as she is quite afraid of strangers, and being handled when she is fearful could add undue stress to her life. She is good in an apartment or a home (but would require a very secure yard with a fence). In short, Vicky is a pretty sweet, loving girl who just needs some patience and understanding while she adjusts to new surroundings. Once she trusts you, you'll be her best friend.

If you think you can provide a stable, quiet, loving home to Vicky, please submit an application through our website, or contact her foster mom directly for more information at Vicky's foster mom also keeps a blog about all her foster animals - Vicky included! - which you are welcome to visit.

Happy adopting!

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