Friday, October 14, 2011

Dog of the week: Kramer!

Kramer came into rescue via his loving mother, Corky, who was rescued from a puppy mill and arrived on her foster mom's doorstep pregnant! Corky gave birth to 5 adorable puppies - 4 male and 1 female - who have all been lucky enough to find amazing forever homes, Corky included. For some strange reason, Kramer remains in foster care.  There has been quite a bit of interest in this adorable fellow, but unfortunately the perfect family just hasn't found him yet.

Kramer was born on June 21 and is now going on 4 months of age.  He is a sweet, affectionate, mischevious little Terrier mix (we think Yorkie-Shnauzer-Cairn, but who knows!) who loves to run and play with the other foster dogs in the family.

Despite all the fun that Kramer is having with his foster brothers and sister, he would love a forever home of his very own.  He's always had a brother or sister for companionship so would love a furry sibling to keep him company and to play with, and a fenced yard to romp in would be fantastic too!  Because he is still young, a home where someone is home part-time is needed as he should get out for a potty break every 4 hours. Puppies need lots of stimulation, training and attention, so Kramer would not be happy being alone all day.

If you think you'd made a good family for this sweet pooch and are interested in providing him a forever home, you can submit an application through our website.  You can also visit his foster mom's blog for more photos and information.  Kramer is patiently waiting, and hopes to hear from you soon!

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