Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weekly Rescue Round-up: October 11, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!  We are thankful for our amazing volunteers and foster homes, and for all of the lives that we were able to save this year and for all the wonderful forever families that we found.


The following dogs are new to rescue and currently available for adoption on our website:

Chester Ray is a 9-year-old male Pug.  He is originally from Kentucky, and enjoy the company of other dogs and children over 8 years of age.

Gino is a 9-year-old, male Pomeranian originally from a local SPCA.  He enjoys the company of other dogs, but it is unknown whether he would enjoy a home with cats or kids as he has had little to no exposure.

Maggie Muggins is a 9-year-old, female Schnauzer.  She is good with dogs and with kids, but should not go to a home with cats.

Mimosa (aka Mimi) is a 6-year-old, female Yorkie-Papillon mix.  She gets along with other dogs and would likely be ok with cats, but would prefer a home without kids.

Shiloh is an approximately 2-year-old, male Basset Hound mix.  He is lovely and laid back, and enjoys the company of other dogs and cats, but has had no exposure to kids.

Sucre is a 3-year-old, male Min Pin.  He gets along with both dogs and cats, and would be fine with older children who are respectful of his small stature.

Wicket is a 3-year-old, male Pomeranian-Chihuahua-Papillon mix who was surrendered to rescue by his owner.  He is a playful guy that enjoys the company of other dogs and cats, and who would be fine with children 5+.


Adoptions are approved and pending for Tiny & Taffy, Abby. We are no longer accepting applications for these dogs. Thank you for your interest.

We are processing very promising applications for Asha, Barbie, Clara, Corky's Kramer, Daisy, Gracie, Magic, Numa and Pippi. Additional applications may no longer be accepted for these dogs, so please contact us before submitting an application.


Corky and Tiny & Taffy were adopted this week. Congratulations!

For information on any of the above dogs, or any other dogs on our website, please contact us.

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