Friday, October 1, 2010

Dog of the week: Jessie!

Jessie is a stunning 3.5 year-old female Mastiff. This loving, smart, sweet girl is a whopping 100 lbs., and is currently searching for her forever family.

While Jessie certainly loves the attention of her humans, she would probably do best as the only pet in her new home. She can get along ok with the odd dog, but definitely should not go to a home with children or cats, due to a strong prey drive.

Jessie is a very active girl that loves to go for walks with her foster mom, and walks very well on a leash. She is also happy just curling up and lying by your feet and taking a nap.

Jessie is a dominant girl who will require a strong, assertive owner to show her who is boss and to keep her in line when she starts to get a little bossy. Jessie thrives on discipline, and would ideally go to a home with someone who has experience with dominant dogs, or even with the Mastiff breed.

Like many other large-breed dogs, Jessie has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia - a very common condition for her breed. Don't let that fool you though - Jessie loves to run, play and jump, and a simple prescription for glucosamine (approx. $15-20 per month) will help keep her joints healthy and strong for the rest of her life.

If you think that you can provide a safe, loving home to this beautiful girl, please contact us for more information, or submit an application through our website.

Happy adopting!

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