Monday, January 31, 2011

Foster update - January 31, 2011

Wondering what dogs are new to rescue and who has recently found their forever home? This weekly update is your key to keeping track of LOYAL's adoptable dogs!


BB Bandit is a 5 year-old male Border Collie mix currently residing in Ottawa, ON. He is being returned to rescue after being adopted out as a puppy, and is now in need of a new forever home. Border Collies are a notoriously high energy breed that require lots of attention and exercise. Bandit would do best as the only pet in an adult only home, or a home with teenagers, that can provide him with all the mental stimulation he so craves.

Bob is an adorable 1-2 year-old male Terrier mix (likely a wire-haired Chi mix) who weighs a whopping 4 lbs.! He hails from Kentucky originally, and is now on the search for his new Canadian family. Bob is obviously a cutie-pie, and he is good with other dogs and cats. Older, respectful children (12+) only due to his size though; he's just a littlin' and can easily be injured! Bob is being fostered in Toronto, ON.

Delilah is a 2 year-old female Yorkie who arrived this weekend straight from an Ohio puppy mill. So happy to be out of the mill, Delilah can be found napping the day away on a nearby lap, or carrying around one of her stuffed toys like a baby in her Mississauga, ON foster home. Delilah is good with other dogs and cats, but should not be in a home with small children due to some possessiveness with her humans and her food. After a rough start to her life, she deserves tons of love and affection in her new forever family.

Kenzie is a 4 year-old female Pomeranian who has been lucky enough to be out of the horrible puppy mill that she was living in, and is now safe and sound with a new foster family in Ottawa, ON. While still a shy and nervous girl (who could blame her?!) she is quite sweet and is doing well with the dog and cat in her current home. Older kids only though, as she is still timid and scared of new experiences given her very sheltered life to-date. We're sure this pretty girl will come around in no time and make an amazing pet to the right family.

Peanuts is a 1 year-old female Papillon who was recently returned to rescue through no fault of her own after finding what she (and we!) thought was her forever home. Peanuts came to us originally from an Ontario shelter as two of her legs had been broken. After a successful surgery on one leg (that left a metal pin in it), the other leg healed on its own, and we are told that it does not immediately require surgery (though it could one day down the road in her life). For now, Peanuts is living it up in her Mississuaga, ON foster home and is enjoying sweet condo life with her two foster Yorkie brothers. She would love to go to a home with other dogs to play with and with no small children, please!

Reba is another 4 year-old Pomeranian who came to us very recently from a puppy mill. Like her mill-mate, Kenzie (above), Reba is a shy, timid girl who will need a patient and loving home to help her overcome her fears about people. Being treated so poorly by humans all her life, a girl has to be cautious! Reba is enjoying her new life in her foster home in Peterborough, ON, and would love to go to a quiet home without children. She is good with dogs and with cats (what funny creatures they are!) and has a very sweet, submissive personality.


{Pickles} the Pekingese, {Jed} the Bichon, {Kiera} the Yorkie, {Boris} the Boston Terrier mix, {Lisa} the Bichon (after 14 months in rescue!), {Bernadette} the Bassett Hound, and {Sassy} the Silky Terrier were lucky enough to find their forever homes this past week! Congratulations ladies and gents!


Adoptions are currently pending for {Cherry} the Cavalier mix, {Alice} the Schnauzer-Terrier mix, {Sydney} the Cockapoo, {Baby Boy Jackson} the Jack Russell mix, and {Whiskey} the Min Pin.

For more information on any of our available dogs, please visit our website, submit an application or send us an e-mail at

Happy adopting!

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