Friday, May 20, 2011

Dog of the week: Monty!

Meet Monty!

Monty is a young, happy, spunky Poodle who is searching for his forever home.

Monty was surrendered to LOYAL through a local SPCA shelter after he had been hit by a car, suffering a broken leg. After being fully vetted, Monty was placed in foster care in a home that was not able to keep him long-term; you see, Monty isn't fond of men (likely caused by abuse in his past), and unfortunately there was a man living in his foster home that Monty did not get along with.

While Monty is a friendly, outgoing fellow who gets along well with other dogs (and who would love a dog friend to live with!), he deos have his insecurities surrounding men and would do best in a female-only home, or in a home where the man will give him lots of time, patience and understanding as he settles in and learns to trust again.

Monty would do best in an adult-only, experienced home where he can be taught rules and taught how to live with a family.  He can play rough, though he means well, so dogs over 10 lbs. are recommended.  Monty would also love a fenced yard to run wild in.  Who wouldn't?!

Could you be the right family for Monty?  Submit an application through our website and find out!  Until then, Monty will wait patiently, paws crossed, in his foster home.

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