Friday, January 27, 2012

Dog of the Week: Zorro!

Meet Zorro!

This sweet, recently-turned-13-year-old Poodle mix is the most loving, quirky, hilarious little man you'd want to meet. He spends most of his days snoozing away on his favourite fuzzy blanket, and around 6pm he's full of beans and spends hours sniffing around the house and playing with his toys. He sleeps in the big bed from 10pm-8am (but will gladly sleep later if you let him!), and then goes outside for a quick bathroom break and then it's back to bed he goes!

 Don't let all that sleeping fool you though...Zorro is one spunky senior! 

He loves chew bones and will often be found tossing one around and chasing after it. He is more than capable of keeping up with the bigger, younger dogs on walks, but truth be told he's a home body that prefers a quick sniff around the back yard and then it's back to warmer climates. A jaunt around the block every day would be more than enough for this guy to keep trim and active, even if he tries to tell you otherwise!

Zorro gets along well with other dogs (though dominant or bossy, large dogs do scare him and he may run away) and cats, but should not go to a home with small children because of his age. He travels well in the car (though this was not always the case) if his blanket is nearby or he has a safe lap to sit on.

Please do not let Zorro's age turn you off. This is one healthy, happy pooch who is very low maintenance and who, if provided with proper vet care and kept active, could have many years left in him. As dogs' go, he's only at retirement age! He is currently alone a working day (9:30am-5:30pm) and is learning to use pee pads; he will also let you know when he needs out. Someone who is home all day, part-time or who can take some time to get Zorro situated in his new home would be ideal so that the transition to a new family is not too scary for him.

For more information on and photos of Zorro, please visit his foster mom's blog, Facebook page, or send her an e-mail.

Applications for Zorro should be submitted through our website.

Please share Zorro's story and let's find this adorable pooch a family!

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