Monday, January 2, 2012

Secret Santa

Thanks to the great idea of our Newsletter Coordinator and the participation of some wonderful LOYAL fans, over 35 dogs were able to take part in our first ever Secret Santa!

Here are some LOYAL foster dogs enjoying their spoils, courtesy of some very generous folks, on Christmas morning!

Dexter was so excited he couldn't even wait for the bag to be opened; he just dove right in!

Mickey modeling his new collar and leash on what appears to be one very comfortable bed!

Lucy is brand new to rescue and missed the Santa assignments, to awesome volunteer Ann was her Secret Santa this go-around!

Adorable, senior Molly isn't posted on the site yet, but that didn't stop her from being spoiled (not-so) rotten this Christmas! Look at all those goodies!

Lovely Penny has gone through a lot in her life and was so happy to spend this Christmas safe and warm in her foster home. Lots of presents was an added bonus, too!

Senior Willis was seriously spoiled by his Santa and is sticking close to his gifts, testing each one out in turn!

Ricky might not be too sure about the camera, but he's absolutely sure that he has an awesome Secret Santa who spoiled him this year!

Cece and Mister got loads of awesome stuff from Santa, and, like good foster siblings, they were happy to share with each other!

Clara and Gino were a bit overwhelmed at first with all the presents to open, but they managed to pull through! Clara even got the most amazing gift of all - a forever family just in time for the New Year!

Zorro was so exhausted after opening all his gifts that he picked the most comfy one - a fuzzy red blanket! - and passed out on it! Christmas is exhausting!

And last but not least, the gorgeous Dane-x puppies rescued just a few months ago (and now ready to go to forever families) got a humungous box of goodies that they just couldn't wait to open!

For some dogs this was the first Christmas they have ever celebrated, and for all of them it was their very first Christmas with their new foster families. Thank you to everyone who made this a very merry Christmas for our foster dogs and foster homes alike; you are all amazing, generous folks and we're lucky to have you in our LOYAL family!


  1. Beautiful and well-done. Made me tear up. Love each one of them.

  2. This is so Wonderful too see the fur babies happy with all the goodies!! Love it, great job to all. Fr: One of the Serect Santa's xoxox