Thursday, January 19, 2012

Max's surgery. Please donate!

Meet Max.

Max, a 7-month-old Doberman mix, found himself needing rescue through no fault of his own. After a serious injury to his leg, Max's owners were unable to pay for the urgent surgery that he needed and he was taken to the vet to be euthanized. Fortunately the vet notified LOYAL Rescue and Max was able to have his surgery paid for and to join our foster program while he recovered and awaited a new forever family.

Max is now living with his foster family in London and is recovering nicely from his surgery. He will be on “bed rest” for a while, but we are told that he is an excellent patient and loves all the extra hugs and attention he has been getting!

Unfortunately Max’s surgery set LOYAL back $1,500 (and counting). Often our expenses for our foster dogs exceed that which we “recoup” in adoption fees, and in some cases, like with Max, those costs can be crippling to a rescue.

We are hoping that, through the generous donations of our fans and supporters, we will be able to make back some of the money that was spent on Max’s vet care.

100 per cent of the proceeds from all donations go directly towards the vetting of our dogs, and any and all donations made in Max’s name will go to pay off the very large vet bill to-date that he has accumulated, as well as any future bills for his care.

How can you donate?

That’s easy! You have a few options. 

1. Donate through the ChipIn that has been set up in Max’s name below. All money donated will go directly into LOYAL’s vetting account. ChipIn uses Paypal for secure online payments directly from your bank account or a credit card.

View the ChipIn here:
Just click on "ChipIn" and you can donate directly through the website.

2. Donate online through and receive a tax receipt for your donation. This money is held in trust in a vetting account on behalf of Helping Homeless Pets. Instructions on how to donate online through CanadaHelps are available above under the “Donate” tab.

3. Send a cheque made out to LOYAL Rescue Inc. to the following address, which “Max” in the memo line.

LOYAL Rescue Inc.
171A Rink Street, Suite 199
Peterborough, Ontario
K9J 2J6

* Please note that donations made through ChipIn or via cheque will not receive tax receipts. If you would like to donate via cheque and require a tax receipt, please visit our "Donate" tab for additional information*
Thank you, as always, for your generous support.

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