Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Adopt a black dog today!

Ever hear of Black Dog Syndrome?

It is a phenomenon that rescue and shelter workers are all too familiar with; black dogs - big and small, young and old, all breeds under the sun - being passed up for lighter-coloured dogs.  Sound ridiculous? We agree! But the reality is, superstition and negative stereotyping asides, that black dogs just do not look as appealing to adopters in photos, and are easily passed by for dogs that are white, brown or cream, for example, and who have interesting markings. It is tough to capture the personality and beauty of a black dog in photos, and for this they suffer.

LOYAL has a number of black dogs currently in rescue, a few who have been waiting for quite some time for their forever homes. Wonderful, loving dogs that would make a fantastic addition to the right family, but who have been passed up for no other reason than that they are black.

Agnes is a 3-5-year old Cocker Spaniel being fostered in Peterborough. She is friendly with other dogs and with kids. While this happy, healthy girl has not been in foster care that long, she is such a sweetheart there is no reason that she should not have been snatched up by now!

Jackson is a 3-year-old Terrier mix (Rat Terrier, Chihuahua or Jack Russell mix, perhaps?) who has spent the last 2 years in foster care! He was adopted at one point and then returned through no fault of his own. This spunky, friendly boy gets along well with other dogs and with older kids, and would do well with an active family. PLEASE spread the word about Jackson and let's find this guy a forever family already! He is being fostered in Brampton.

Rocco is a special needs senior (approximately 8 years of age) who has spent the last 15 months in foster care. He is blind and at least partially deaf, and was rescued from a shelter where his owner surrendered him. Rocco is a sweet, affectionate boy who would ideally be the only pet in his new family as he can be fearful of other animals given his disabilities. Rocco may sound like he has a lot of demands but he also has a lot of love to offer the right forever family. Please don't discount Rocco, and please share his story! Rocco is being fostered in Brampton.

Trinket and her sister Teacup are an adorable pair of 2-year-old Pomeranians who came into rescue a few months ago. They are a sweet, affectionate pair who are house-trained, quiet, and who get along well with other dogs. it While they have always lived together, it is not necessary for them to be adopted as a bonded pair. They are both being fostered in Peterborough.

Little Whoopie is new to rescue, but has not had any applications to-date. This 3-month-old Chinese Crested Powderpuff mix is a spunky puppy who loves to give kisses, play with her foster siblings and cuddle with her family. With this sweet face and all the love she has to give, we cannot understand why someone has not fallen for her yet, so we can only imagine it is because of the colour of her fur. Don't let this adorable girl slip through your fingers, folks, as she's quite a catch and will make the right family extremely happy! Whoopie is being fostered in Uxbridge.

Please consider adopting a black dog when it comes time to add to your family, and please spread the word about these sweet souls who are waiting patiently in foster care!



  1. Black dogs are THE BEST! My Lola Pug is black, and I chose her because of that. They are awesome!

  2. I have to agree! I have a black labradoodle and choose her because of the color...... Something so magic and beautiful with the black fur/hair coats.

  3. Thanyou so much for telling us these tories... if I could I would snatch them up n a heartbeat. Here's hoping everyone reposts your stories so forever homes will be found.

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