Friday, July 8, 2011

Dog of the week: Nutmeg!

Meet Nutmeg!

This beautiful 2-year-old Chihuahua mix has been in rescue since last October!  Can you believe it?  That's 9 months in foster care, and she is still searching for her forever home.

I just love her gorgeous colour and her little brown nose.  Very unique!

Nutmeg came to LOYAL from a shelter in Kentucky as she had tested positive for heartworm and needed to enter a rescue program where her medical and emotional needs could be met.  Sadly, Nutmeg had a rough start to her short life, and because of that she is very timid and shy with strangers.  She is now on heartworm treatments and getting better by the day, and her social skills and confidence are growing immensely.

Nutmeg is a sweet, affectionate girl when she is with humans that she trusts, and is what we call a "Velcro dog" - she always wants to be with you, right by your side.  She is a polite, well-behaved lady who enjoys the company of other dogs and gets along fine with cats.

Nutmeg should go to a home with a secure, fenced yard because she is still a flight risk due to her fear of loud noises and, often, quick movements. Because of this, older, respectful children or teens are recommended.  Ideally, Nutmeg would be most happy in an adult home.

The best home for this sweet girl would be with experienced owners who have the time and patience to help Nutmeg learn that the world isn't always a scary place, and that with lots of love and reassurance she will come out of her shell and learn to trust again.  If you think you could provide a safe, loving home to beautiful Nutmeg, please submit an application through our website, or send her foster mom, Donna, and e-mail for more information.

Oh, and did I mention that this adorable pooch has her own blog?  She's a modern girl, that Nutmeg!  Visit Nutmeg's foster mom's blog for more photos and information, and to see the wonderful progress that she has made over the last few months.

Nutmeg is patiently waiting in her Brampton foster home for your application, so don't delay!

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