Monday, July 18, 2011

Dog of the week: Tigger!

Meet Tigger (aka Bouncing Tigger)!

Tiggers is an approximately 6-year-old Yorkie-Schnauzer mix who is searching for his forever home.  This sweet boy came to LOYAL from a puppy mill, but despite his unfortunate upbringing he is a loving, affectionate, happy dog.

Tigger gets along well with other dogs and with older, respectful children.  It is unknown how he is with cats as there are no cats in his foster home, but given his personality he would probably be fine.  He is a quiet, easy-going fellow that loves to be around his humans.

Tigger does have a fused bone in his back leg that causes him to walk with a bit of a limp (likely from a previous break that was not treated medically and set improperly), but this does not limit him from walking, running and jumping.  He is able to get up and down stairs and on and off furniture with ease.  Nothing's going to stop this determined pooch!

Check out these adorable videos of Tigger playing with his foster family:

Despite only living in a home for a few months, Tigger is making huge strides with his house training (a belly band helps for those times he can't seem to remember), and sleeps through the night on a dog bed with his foster buddies. It's like he always had a family, even though the reality is a much sadder story.

Tigger has spent far too long without a forever home of his very own, so don't make this spunky guy wait any longer. He is patiently waiting in his foster home in Oshawa, and would love to join your family. If you are interested in Tigger, please submit an application through our website (please note that he is listed as 'Bouncing Tigger' in our list of Adoptable Dogs) or send us an e-mail for more information.

Happy adopting!

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  1. What a ham! He's adorable!! May his forever family find him this month because just look what they're missing. The videos are great. Thanks for taking the time to post them. It does give you a nice introduction to Tigger.