Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Tail: Hadley's Story

Hadley came to LOYAL Rescue in late 2010 when her number came up at a high kill shelter in Kentucky.  Sadly the shelter was far too full to continue taking in new dogs, and Hadley (then named Mina) landed herself on an urgent rescue list which was e-mailed to both U.S. and Canadian rescues in the hope that someone could help.

Fortunately someone from LOYAL saw Hadley's adorable mug shot (below) and decided that someone in Ontario could surely provide a loving home to her.  A whole host of dedicated volunteers helped drive Hadley and many other rescued dogs all the way from Kentucky (and other States) to their new foster homes in Ontario.  

(Hadley (then Mina)'s shelter mugshot)

After a few months in rescue, Hadley was adopted by a fantastic family that loves her to pieces, and is so happy that someone saw potential in her that gloomy winter day and decided to give her a chance at a new life in Canada.

(Hadley on the way to her forever home!)

Here is a quote from Hadley's new family, who have now had Hadley for just over 4 months:
"We've been thrilled to have Hadley in our lives now for just over 4 months, and she's doing amazingly well and has adjusted to her new life wonderfully!
She's such a happy and fun-loving little girl who has fit into our lives so perfectly, we really believe it was meant to be. After losing our 9 year old Wheaten in January we were devastated, but this little girl has helped us heal in more ways than we thought possible.
We know we made the absolute right decision in adopting her! I hope she would agree!
Although we had no intentions of adopting so soon after we lost Devon (our Wheaten), somehow I stumbled across the listing for "Mina" on the LOYAL website and that little black face just reached into my heart and started tugging, so we truly believe it was meant to be!  I just wish I had room for ALL of them.
I envy what you do, although saying goodbye when it comes time to let them go must come with mixed emotions. Thank you to LOYAL once again for bringing Hadley to us, and keep up the great work!"
(Hadley 4 months post-adoption. A different dog!)

Another happy ending for a wonderful dog who had a rough start to life, but who now has a wonderful, loving forever family.  Every dog truly has potential and there is a family out there for every one of them.  Hadley was fortunate enough to make it out of that Kentucky shelter and into a family that will love her unconditionally for the rest of her days.

(Enjoying the sun in her new back yard. Doesn't she look like a Muppet?!)

Congratulations Hadley (and family!) on a perfect match.

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If you adopted from LOYAL Rescue and want to share your Happy Tail on our blog, please send an e-mail with photos of your new pooch to our Social Media & Marketing Manager.  If you are a member of our Facebook page, you can also send a photo and short story and you will be added to our Happy Tails album.

Thank you as always for your endless support to our volunteers and, most importantly, our dogs.  There are many more dogs just as wonderful and deserving as Hadley out there waiting for their forever families, so don't delay, adopt today!

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