Saturday, February 5, 2011

Delilah the puppy mill survivor needs surgery!!

Delilah the Yorkie arrived on January 29, 2011 on a transport from Ohio where she was rescued by LOYAL Rescue Inc. from a puppy mill. She had had multiple litters, and had spent her two years of life in a small cage with no human affection.

We were told when she came to us that she had the start of dry eye in one eye, which was quite evident when we got her home. We put drops in it for days in the hope that the extreme dryness could be remedied, but knew after about 5 day that, while they did help slightly, the drops were not the solution.

Delilah was taken to our local vet and we were given the bad news: Delilah suffered a severe trauma to one side of her face which affected her jaw (it is twisted causing a severe under bite), her nose (her nostril is twisted and smaller than the other) and her eye (her eye socket is smaller and her eye was damaged). What likely began as dry eye turned into a major scratch on her eye ball which has left her without a cornea. Because of this scratch, eye fluid (what keeps our eyes lubricated, holds the structure and gives us sight) is leaking from her eye! So what we thought was infection being washed out is actually necessary, important fluid from inside her eye. Her eye is collapsing.

And the reason her nose always seems runny? It's not a cold, oh no, it's her eye fluid leaking out of her nasal passage on that side!

Delilah's has two options in terms of correction: a very pricey specialist who could re-create a lense and cornea, and repair her eye giving her back at least some sight (she currently cannot see out of that eye, hence her terrible depth perception), or removal of the eye so that Delilah can move on with her life.

Despite these health issues, Delilah loves life! She is so sweet and happy, and has yet to meet a person she doesn't love (which is quite remarkable given how humans have treated her her entire life). She gives sweet kisses to everyone - dogs and humans alike - and loves to cuddle on your lap. She is wonderful on a leash and loves to romp outside with her foster brother (a fellow LOYAL rescue dog!). She sleeps in our bed and has a fantastic zest for life.

With this extreme of an injury to her eye, however, it's very unlikely that Delilah is not hiding at least some degree of pain. But she doesn't complain! Life outside of the mill is so sweet, how could a girl find any fault?

As you know, LOYAL Rescue Inc. is a non-profit rescue comprised of dedicated, hard working volunteers who donate their time, money, expertise, and homes to these wonderful homeless souls. Without donations from the public we cannot operate and cannot save dogs. When we take on cases like Delilah's, the fee that we receive upon the dog's adoption can often only cover 1/4 or less of the cost that LOYAL incurred for their vetting. This is why we desperately need your help!

Delilah needs this surgery, that much is true. Without it, she will continue to endure what we can only imagine is constant pain and suffering. After all she has been through in her life so far, she deserves more than that.

Donations to Delilah's surgery can be made through the following secure Chipin page. These funds go directly to LOYAL Rescue Inc. and will pay Delilah's mounting vet bills!

We are so happy that Delilah came into our lives, even if it is just for a short while until she finds her forever home. Please help us make her wish come true and give her a new start to a better, happy, healthy life in 2011.

Thank you for your generous donation, and for your ongoing support of LOYAL Rescue Inc. and our rescued dogs.

~ Delilah's foster mom, a LOYAL Rescue Inc. volunteer

* For more information on LOYAL Rescue Inc. and our dogs, please visit our website.

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