Friday, February 25, 2011

Dog of the week: Stevie Wonder!

Oh little Stevie...he certainly is a wonder! Hence the name!

Stevie also got him name from the famous Stevie Wonder as, much like Stevie the singer, our little Stevie is blind. Stevie was born into a litter of breeding dogs, but it was quickly discovered that Stevie was unlike his siblings in that he had very special needs. A wonderful LOYAL Rescue volunteer stumbled upon sweet Stevie, rescued him from an unknown (but likely very sad) fate, and brought him into foster care where he could get the love, attention and medical care that he so deserved.

Stevie is a special boy, and he will require a special home that is willing to put the time, patience and training into this pup so that he will turn into a well-adjusted, balanced, happy dog.

Stevie has been seeing an eye specialist and while his left eye is showing no improvements, we are happy to report that his right eye seems to be improving slightly and he may some day regain some use of it. Right now he is on inexpensive over-the-counter eye drops to keep his eye moisturized; he is getting drops a few times per day. Stevie will be back to the specialist next month for an update.

The sad reality is that Stevie will always be at least partially blind, and his potential adopters should be aware of this. But don't let his "disability" turn you away, as Stevie is a loving, playful, energized pup who, after a rough start to life, is looking for that forever family to call his own.

You see, Stevie has no idea he's different from any of the other dogs in his foster home, and he doesn't let his issues slow him down. He's full of spit and vinegar, just like any other puppy without health issues!

If you are interested in learning more about adorable Stevie, send his dedicated foster mom Janet an e-mail at, or submit an application through our website. In the meantime, you can check out some information about blindness in dogs and see for yourself that, while there are certainly some challenges, providing a home to a dog like Stevie can be a hugely rewarding task.

Stevie is waiting to bring oodles of joy, kisses and cuddles into your life. Are you the lucky home to adopt such a deserving boy? Stevie hopes to hear from you!

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