Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Alternatives to Halloween costumes for dogs: funky collars, bandanas and bow ties!

Not all dogs will stay cool, calm and collected when it comes to dressing up for Halloween. Here are a few things to remember when dressing your dog:

• When wearing a costume, can the dog see and breathe easily? A costume should not interfere with the dogs vision, hearing or breathing. NO masks!

• Check the fit around the costume neckline to make sure it's not too tight.

• Watch for chewing, pawing, or signs of discomfort while wearing a costume.

• If you're making a pet costume, use a lightweight fabric that won't cause a dog to become over-heated.

• Don't put beads, loose dangling accessories or other small objects on a costume. Nothing that can be chewed and swallowed, or be a choking hazard.

• A costume should not drag on the floor so that your dog can't walk without stepping on it.

• Never leave a dog wearing any kind of costume alone and unatteneded.

Most importantly, if your dog gets nervous and upset and does not like the idea of being dressed up, forget the costume idea altogether! Here are some fun, simple alternatives to Halloween costumes by Toronto-based company Peachy Keen Pets:

Safety pins!



Scary switchblades! Watch your back!

Fuzzy skulls!

Fun Halloween-themed collars!

Cute skulls!

You can visit the Peachy Keen Pets website at to place your order, or e-mail Niki at The products are super fun, cheap and stylish, and ship extremely affordably! Order soon to get your products in time for Halloween!!

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  1. Thanks Grace! There are big big sales on with my Peachy Keen Pets stuff, so disregard the prices on the webpage! Free halloween monster bandanas with any purchase over $40 too!